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Historic competitors: La Dolfina vs. Ellerstina

El día soleado acompañó el vibrante triunfo de La Dolfina sobre Ellerstina en la final del Campeonato Argentino Abierto de Polo, el torneo más importante del mundo, que se celebra en la Catedral del Polo, como se conoce al orgulloso predio de Palermo.
El polo es un deporte altamente difundido en Argentina, cuya historia ostenta míticos equipos y jugadores como Juan Carlos Harriott (h) y Adolfo Cambiaso (h), que alcanzaron la cúspide de la pirámide mundial del deporte.
Pero más allá de eso, el duelo de los mejores se convierte a su vez en una super-fiesta glamorosa que convoca a lo más granado del jet set internacional, turistas, famosos locales y representantes de diversas elites deportivas.
A continuación, comparto algunos looks que despertarón mi admiración, curiosidad y algún espanto. A ver qué impresiones se llevan ustedes!

The sunny day accompanied the vibrant triumph of La Dolfina over Ellerstina in the Argentinian Open Polo Championship final; the tournament is the world's most important, and is held in the proud estate of Palermo, also known as the Cathedral of Polo.
Polo is a highly spread sport in Argentina, whose history boasts legendary teams and players like Juan Carlos Harriott (Jr) and Adolfo Cambiaso (Jr), that reached the pinnacle of world sports pyramid.
But beyond that, the duel of the best becomes, in turn, in a super-glamorous party that calls the cream of the international jet set, tourists, local celebrites and representatives of various sports elites.
Next, I share some looks that caught my admiration, curiosity and some horror. Let's see your impressions!

Karina Rabolini (right), First Lady in white I
Brightly colored embroideries
Graciela Alfano, ethnic eclectic
Fast-fashion martyrs
Offbeat spring mood
Chic & relaxed sexiness
Andrea Frigerio, modern simplicity
Ana Rusconi, smart casual wear
Carolina "Pampita" Ardohain, fresh & youthful
Julieta Kemble, 60's floral vintage dress
Virginia Da Cunha, grunge baby-doll
Luz Barrantes & Iván de Pineda, cool informality
Paula Colombini, sort of sloppy
Juliana Awada, First Lady in white II
Delfina Blaquier, all-Argentinian grace
Gorgeous with straw sun hat
Nicole Neumann, playful prints


  1. Great and well done ideas i find here.

  2. OMG!!! Cuánto glamour!!! Qué ganas de ir a la Argentina sólo por volver al polo! Divino tu trabajo, como siempre. ídola!!!!! Ruth

  3. Maria..bueniiisimas las fotos,es como si hubiese estado alli.jajabesote

  4. bonitas, Pampita siempre estupenda.

  5. Great photos! I love the white maxi dress, it's so nice.


  6. very nice photos!!! ı like this combines..

  7. Nice post! Cool pictures!

  8. Beautiful blue dress with the straw hat. The shade of blue is just so rich! :)

  9. Todos los looks muy acordes al evento pero realmente el de la primera foto, ese vestido azul se lleva todos los aplausos.

  10. María: Congratulations!!!! Me encantó tu trabajo. Has podido transmitir perfectamente lo que significa esta fiesta increible.
    Soñado el look de las Argentinas en su mayoria!!!!
    Tu descripción fantástica!!!! Sólo faltó escuchar el golpe de los tacos!!!! el año próximo estaré ahí con vos.
    Marcela Campodónico

  11. I miss summer and warm weather looking at these pictures. Love the blue maxi dress and the white dresses and florals everywhere! LOVE!


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  13. What a great photography of beautiful stylish people!!!
    Your blog is very lovely!!!
    Have a lot of fun this week!!!

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    man i am glad i studied spanish cause i can now understand what you are saying, such a beautiful language it is, i only wish i felt comfortable talking in spanish cause i don't feel comfortable even though i understand everything....
    i feel much more comfortable speaking in english.
    oh buenos aires, you are so lucky, i wish i coudl visit BA one day, it must me magical, not to mention i have a sweet spot for argentinians and the way you pronounce things in spanish.
    not to mention i go crazy for lionel messi (lol completely irrevelant but he is argentinian lol)
    and i watched many argentinian movies and tv shows and enjoyed them!
    by the way do you mind checking out my blog occasionally?
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