Thursday, May 26, 2011


Un buen comienzo; mi primera experiencia como estilista y productora de moda. Fue un proyecto para la Academy of Art University realizado en la primavera norteamericana de 2010, que me dejó el dulce sabor de haber aprovechado el valioso desafío de explorar mis aptitudes y rasgos creativos en un terreno nuevo, más el plus de colaborar con un equipo de gente excepcional.
Nine to Five a.m.

Being a posh damsel is a hard full-time job. Hence, no matter her cicumstances, allure is the constant companion of a glamorous girl. She can begin her day facing the world with a big smile, go on a cheerful shopping spree and carry out her career tasks, while keeping her high romantic hopes a secret. But sometimes, life can play us a cruel joke... And even then, a stylish girl will resort to her luxurious allies, always there to remind her just how fabulous she is.
Along with this illustrated story, come some of the hottest spring 2010 fashion trends: from the floral motifs to be in harmony with the season's mood to the classic sophistication of the black 'n' white chromatic duo and, of course, the standout, eye-catching accessories.

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